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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Miss Call or Missed Call!!


So… miss calls and missed calls…..are they the same??????
Actually no…
Miss calls are the calls which are not meant to be attended. They are used either to indicate something like for eg. when we are going out and want to tell people at home that u reached the place or when you ask someone to come to a destination and when they reach there, they give a miss call as an indication or when we simply want to irritate our friends[:D].
On the other hand, missed calls are calls which we have missed to attend.

So……… whats the problem here ?????
These days most of our mobiles are in the silent mode, and when we see we have many “missed calls”, from this lot how are we gonna find out which is a ‘miss call’ and which is a ‘missed call’……. So can we make a universal rule here that a miss call should not exceed more than 3 rings and ofcourse a person calling will surely wait for some more time.What I want to say is every mobile should have an added facility of detecting whether a call we get is a missed call or not….
I guess the mobile must be having a programmed chip, so all it takes is to add a program like if the number of rings are <= 3, they are to be labeled as ‘miss call’ and if the number of rings are > 3, they are to be labeled as ‘missed calls’.
This is a problem im facing, it’s a very silly one, but im sure many of you out there must have felt this problem, like sometimes you see a missed call and u call back and the person says, it was only a miss call and sometimes you ignore a missed call and u get firing for that!!!!!!