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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hiking Big Sur, CA in one day for the first time

Big Sur, in CA is one of the hike I most enjoyed the best in the Bay area! Nevertheless, one of the best highways to drive as well. Therefore, I decided I shall document this hike and share some photos we took as well. Two friends and me went of this hike and the photos of the scenic views were taken by all of us in turns, so credit to all of us :)

Big Sur in one day for the first time means you need to atleast make it to these two hikes:
1. McWay WaterFall Trail and
2. Ewoldsen Trail

We followed these options from the Big Sur Hiking Website. And were not disappointed. These two hikes are of the scale between Moderate and High level of difficulty. But the hike is completely worth it!

Going forward, Ill keep my post less verbal and more enduring to the eyes :)

The Highway CA 1 as is described in so many websites is extremely scenic and the identity to entering Big Sur is the bridge that can be seen in the picture.

Another image from this scenic point

The most I love about this scene is amazing blue Ocean! Pacific, became my Love!

We reached the Big Sur National Park and headed towards the McWay WaterFall Trail and were amazed by the view of this WaterFall. This trail is only less than a mile and is very Easy. Best place to bring people to get a scenic view without much strain.

And then you would reach the end of the trail within less a mile.  And some of the pics from the end of the trail spot.

The above picture is that of the place of an old building and the history of the founders of the place, which I do not recollect at the top of my head :D.  This is again at the end of the trail

We came back to the start of the trail to head towards Ewoldsen Trail. This trail gave me so many mixed feelings starting from "phew! This is a tough hike" to "woaaah! amazing view!" to "where is the end point of this????"

This trail starts off with the introduction of Redwood trees and creeks.

There is a really short Canyon trail, where you can get some clips. I didn't take scenic picture of it, so please excuse :)

Finally we start the Ewoldsen trail and climb the strenuous hike upwards and finally we reached a point that looks like this:

We initially thought this is was the ending point, but apparently not, we got to know from fellow hikers. Then we continued our way. The hike from here was not that bad but we were so drained off energy from the hike so far, that the next few miles were slow. But the view from this point was simply brilliant, we were above the entire Redwood forest and could see the tip of all trees.

The beauty cannot be explained, has to be felt.

Then we continued but couldn't get to final point,

So when we reached a point like this and saw the sun set, and we decided to head back as the forest gets much more darker under the trees than above it. So finally, we reached back when it was almost completely dark! We made it back on time :)

Overall, Amazing hike ! Everyone visiting Bay area must make a visit here if possible.

Thank you for taking time to read the post.