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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Awareness

Easter is around the corner,so i decided to share the little knowledge i have about easter or rather lenten season. the lenten season starts on a wed(monday for some) in the month of feb mostly.the date is fixed according to the christian lithurgical calender.this season continues for a period of40 days.these 40 days we are asked to sacrifice on something we r really fond of.this period ends with the celebration EASTER.the lenten season n easter is observed every year to show our gratefulness to jesus christ for having sacrificed his life for our sins.

The beginning,that is the wed is termed ash wednesday.the reason for the name is the importance of ash on that day.this is the day when jesus enters the garden and starts his penance and prayer.jesus sacrificed food for so many days,that is why we too sacrifice something,whatever is possible,the thing is not what is important,the thought iswhat counts.the ash used on this day is from the burnt palms leaves given to the church by all the members of the church(the further details will be explained later).on this day a mass(mass is a formal gathering which is presided by a priest)is conducted early in the morning,during which ash is smeared as a cross on the forehead of thepeople.

The lenten season begins....every friday the church conducts "way of the cross" service."the way of the cross" is the reminder of the various tortures jesus underwent during his walk from the city to calvery where he was nailed to the cross.the lenten season consists of 7 weeks.

The second notable event during the lenten season is the "palm sunday"(here comes with the further details of the palm).this is on thesecond last week of the lenten season.the importance of this day is thewelcoming of jesus into the city of jerusalem after the penance he took in the the people of jerusalem welcome jesus with palm leaves.on this day,the church gives all the people in the chuch palm leaves,which are later made into a cross shape n kept in their homes.these palms are given back to the church before the lenten season of the next year,which are burnt for ash wednesday.on this day did judas,the 13th disciple of jesus,betray him.

After the palm sunday starts the holy week.the cross of jesus in all churches is covered with purple satin.the following thursdayis the "maundy thursday".this day is for the remembrance of the last supper.jesus washed the feet of all his disciples' with his own the head priest of the church will wash the feet of 12 dedicated workers of the church.

The following friday is "good friday".the day when jesus was made to carry the cross and nailed to the cross,the movie "the passion of christ" very aptly shows.this day is a mournful one,where people preferblack or white outfits and spend most of the time in church.the covered cross of jesus is uncovered and is kept at the reach of the mobwho kiss the feet of jesus.

The last part of the lenten season or rather the time for rejoicing, easter sunday.saturday night at around 11pm people gather in the church with candles and empty bottles to fill it with the holy waterprovided at the end of the mass.just before the mass,the lightsare turned off and a hugh candle which is the blessed one and has the symbols of alpha and omega,which means the beginning and the end in greek,is brought to the altar.from this candle,the people light their 12 midnight,the mass is over and the people greet each other "happy easter" and rejoice the birth of the risen lord.a new beginning, the lord is risen,is more powerful and eternal.

So,i guess i have covered most of the parts which happens during lenten season.sorry if i have been vague at certain aim is togive everyone some idea of what is actually done during easter.please leave your comments both bad and good ones.thank you!!!