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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Becoming an effective Blogger

Well, first thought to your mind may be, how in the world, do I have the right to talk about Blogging with my Blogspot hardly even filled. This post is from a person, who wanted to blog ever since 2007, but the lack of information, ideas and ofcourse fear of not being noticed prevailed. What's the difference now? I don't give a damn about all that, I consider Blogging like writing a diary, a public one (so ofcourse details restricted) which may be useful for atleast one person sometime.

Here I go, long back when I wanted to be a Blogger, I created this account but downside is what I already mentioned. Three years went without many posts. When I came to Graduate School, I got introduced to Twitter, I thank my stars for this site. I was able to start small, with some tweets a few days, no tweets the other days but atleast I got rid of my fears.

Now a sudden realization that Twitter has word limit and I want to spread more information and thus this sudden attempt to restart blogging with posts of whatever I find relevant. (Thus, a small introduction to this Blog, an attempt to spread small interesting information, tips etc that may be useful.)

Therefore, if you are a person like me, who wants to blog but doesn't know where to start, start tweeting. You will find your information epicenter!! :D


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