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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Smart Touring Needs

My recent road trip to a Los Angeles (LA), California, my very first visit, helped me realize the pros and cons of technology. An otherwise mundane life doesn't require our tools to be smart. LA as we know is the Hollywood hub, with tons of people working in different in small jobs just to enter Film Industry. The traffic is challenging to drive in because of the roads and especially the drivers. That is the feeling when going from city like Phoenix, where traffic is so much more organized.

Since LA is a huge city, for a person going there for the first time, requires constant suggestions to get to know places. The tripAdvisor, Yelp are some of the apps helped quite a bit. But apart from the help, there were times the suggestions led us to trouble.

On our first day, we head to the Downtown LA, Grand avenue, Olvera street (oldest street in LA). We tried to find parking and all the suggestions provided by Internet suggestions were closed because it was Saturday and most parking lots are closed. Fortunately asking around helped to find the good one.

Then battery is one huge concern for smart phones. It gets impossible to talk to people, search places around and browse all day. A fully charged smart phone dies out by mid-Evening. Existing solutions for this problem are either stationary (need to attach the phone to outlet or external battery), or bulky (a double rechargeable external battery cover).

I am aware that these problems are already out there to be solved. These seems important issues to be voiced out. "Smart phones cannot be smart if it has no life".

Thank you for taking time to read the post and your critical views are always appreciated.

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