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Friday, November 22, 2013

Greenhouse Gas Emission in Highly Populated Countries

USE: Every human being

I write this post when I was triggered some thoughts after reading this post from SiliconIndia. I got to see the numbers from this post, but this problem is very REAL.

As a born-Indian, I visit my country ever-so-often and each time I go to India, the initial few days are a struggle between my respiratory system and the environment. The pollution in every major city is so much higher than a city in moderately populated country and now from this post, I get the number that CO2 emission has increased by 7.7 percent from the past year. Those days are the times I wonder, how are people even living here. But then the lung just gets used to the available environment and life moves on. From my perspective, this shouldn't be the case, something has to be done.

Comparing some stats from the post and other details:
Country CO2 Emission Area Sq miles (Sq Km) CO2 Emission
percent/sq mile
density/sq mile
China 27 percent 3.748 million sq miles (9.707 million km²) 7.2 x 10^-6 365
United States 14 percent 3.794 million sq miles (9.827 million km²) 3.69 x 10^-6 84
India 6 percent 1.269 million sq miles (3.288 million km²) 4.72 x 10^-6 954

The population density per sq mile was obtained from here.

I would agree that similar stats have been discussed in other posts, but my main purpose of this post was to discuss about these stats. I am considering only three countries as they are among the highest emitters of CO2.

Discussion on the above data:
China seems to be at a high threat, but as per latest news, "Consumption from renewable sources and hydropower in China grew by a quarter in 2012." This shows some good progress, although I do not have personal experience of the atmosphere in China.

From the statistics of US, it seems that the CO2 is so much more from other sources than just human beings, as on an average 84 people emit a relatively high amount of CO2.

And India, a lot of people, a lot of vehicles, a lot of CO2.

What can be done:
 Considering the huge amount of population and the need for more, what can be possibly done to solve this ever-rising problem. I believe awareness, above and more, a peer-pressure. For example, a while back, smoking had been one of the cool-factors, people were peer-pressured into smoking. And from the increasing number of lung cancer deaths led to awareness spreading of smoking as a bane and soon enough number of smokers started to reduce. Similarly, being green, should be a trend, people, kids, everybody could be peer-pressured to be green. In a way Tesla Motors is making this happen, the trend for owning a Tesla car has become a trend. (I hope they come up with their economy model soon!!)

Similarly, different ways to reduce CO2 emission, such as for example:
Each person: reduce the need for possessing machine-made goods. More machine-made goods, more factories manufacture, more CO2 emissions.
Each house: reduction in the number of vehicles per house, resorting to electric vehicles; more vehicles, more CO2 emissions. From personal experience, I am aware that most families own more than 1 vehicle, it would be a great step to make one of the vehicles electric for a start.
Each state/country: make ways to resort to renewable sources of energy (I am aware that a lot of people are already working towards this and I am making only a suggestion here :))

Finally, I conclude by saying, if all were to take this problem personal, we would start to adopt the various green ways of living.

Thank you for taking time to read the post!

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